So much beauty in the world #4




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Highlight what inspires us,
Outline what unites us, 
And nurture discussion and relationships.

To brighten this difficult moment for all of us, we will be sharing each week some featuring artists we already follow and others we commit to discover everyday in order to nurture our experiences design.


With The intimate, enchanting art works of self-taught artist Ziqian liu, based in Shanghai.
Ziqian has a deliberate, unique, feminine, inviting yet distant style. There are two main themes in her work. The first theme is about the symbiosis between human beings and nature. The second theme is about perspective. Things we are familiar with often remain in a fixed image, but she is trying to convey through her work, to look at the same thing from different angles, there will be different findings. This is not only for things, but also for understanding others and our hearts.



On summer 2018, we created for Audemars Piguet a « Californian Summer » seasonal set up in both of its boutiques in Geneva. 
A differentiating client experience for the summer season ! 


With the electro dance psychedelic duo SOFI TUKKER.
Find our favorite music titles in our « LET’S DANCE » Spotify playlist !

For New York duo SOFI TUKKER, comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, these words are not just a guiding life principle, but how they measure the music they create. SOFI TUKKER’s “holy trinity,” as they describe it, is movement, community, and joy. Despite their yin-and-yang dynamic and coming from different worlds, the pair shares a deep-rooted spiritual connection around their music.