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Ten years ago, PARTI PRIS established a creative studio that today unites a team of 15 people to provide exacting service to some of the top names in luxury, fashion and beauty products.
Our watchword: Creativity!

Generate emotion, hold people’s attention, and enhance the relationship between a brand and its targets. All through innovative experiences that combine event design, digital creation, audiovisual production and publishing.
Today, we are Creators of Experiences!

"Creating your experience is all about understanding your vision, your universe, your desires and wishes, and then providing a true reflection of them... To let you live an experience is to provide a personalised context for your image, revealing its nuances and generating a unique emotion."
Patrice Nave, Creative Director, PARTI PRIS.

Analyse, interpret and ask questions to fulfil your requirements. Stay in tune with the times and uncover new talents to surpass your expectations. Filter, concentrate our ideas, make your goals our own, guarantee our quality and optimise your investments. Continue generating creative solutions right up to the final realisation.
PARTI PRIS is there for you.

In September 2011, PARTI PRIS founded with Florence Paget TWIST of PARTI PRIS, an event agency based in SHANGHAI. Composed of a mixed French–Chinese team, TWIST produces luxurious events adapted to the Chinese market but with a PARTI PRIS French Touch. TWIST of PARTI PRIS ensures to its clients creativity, quality and a coherent global brand image.